We believe learning about God should be fun and exciting for children.

We use creativity - games - music and more to teach the timeless truths from the Bible.

We also strive to partner with parents in their children’s spiritual growth in every step.

No matter which room they’re in, you’ll find a fun, energetic, and age appropriate environment to make sure that happens. Safety is also incredibly important when you entrust your kids to us. Every one of our volunteers has gone through a thorough background check and extensive training to ensure they’re in the best hands available.


The Nest / Newborn - 2

We want you, as parents, to feel so secure with where your baby is that you are fully free to worship and not worry while you’re in service. This is the start of it all, and we take the calling to love your baby seriously. While we might not be teaching them about what Jesus has to say quite yet, we do want them to know love that’s only possible through Christ while they’re in the nursery.

The Clubhouse / 3 - Kindergarten

Preschool is the time in kids life when things are really starting to click with who Jesus is. These kids are eager to learn and we want to feed that desire with Bible stories that will keep your kids engaged and interested in hearing what it has to say.

The Peak / kindergarten - 5th

Our kids in the Peak are the smartest kids we know. We want them to not only walk away with an understanding of who God is, but also how God wants to be in a relationship with them and be a part of their life. Every Sunday we break down the Bible lesson further and ask them how this can apply to their lives at home, in school, and whatever else your child is interested in.